Our Nanotechnology Investments

When it comes to nanotechnology, Winter’s Capital has made very focused investments.  We are specifically focused on the area of micronizing rare earth minerals for their ability to emit various types of heat rays.  One particular focus has been Non Thermal FAR Infrared for its ability to promote circulation. Our research team believes there is tremendous potential and future value in inventions that support human circulation.  Declining circulation is a major driver for many human health issues.

Our Future

We believe nanotechnology and furthering FAR Infrared can allow for alternative approaches in the field of circulation enhancement.  We are particularly interested in technologies that can be worn 24/7. This will be key for many industries, including:

  • Athletics and Recovery
  • Treatment of Tissue and Joint Related Pain/Injury
  • Treatment of Foot Pain/Neuropathy 
  • Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction
  • Treatment of Poor Sleep
  • Treatment of Mood Disorders
  • And Many Other Potential Applications